Understanding basic Blackjack Game Rules

Basic Rules For Online Blackjack Games

When playing blackjack you make use of deck of card that lacks wild cards. Each of the face card is offered with a value of 10. Aces in this game hold either 11 or 1 value. The moment all other cards exceed a total of 21 then it is advisable to consider the value of Ace as one. Each of the colored cards hold the value they are marked with.

The moment you finish playing a round then the dealer shall shuffle the deck of cards for the next round. When playing blackjack rules you always have to ensure that you don’t exceed the total of 21 or else you might have to bust from the game.

On busting the player is also not allowed to collect their betting money. In this game the dealer is always expected to maintain a total of 17 or more in order to win.

In case the dealer is below 17 then he is also expected to draw card till he exceeds the total.

When playing this game the dealer shall never advise any player to draw the next card or to fold. To make your best win you have to try and maintain a total of 21 before the dealer.

On winning any round the player is made payout on the basis of the money collected in the pot. If your total is much below 21 then it is certain that you shall loose your betting money. When playing online blackjack try and act wisely on your bets. Your decision in the game play can change the outcome of the game.

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