The History of Blackjack Game

Blackjack History Part 1

Blackjack – a game that you will find in any casino, and from the world of gaming is here to stay. Games that work on the principle of blackjack exist for centuries.

One wonders, of course when, and how did the long and colorful history began blackjack. What was the path out of the game? How it got into the casino? These are all questions we will answer them today in our Blackjack rules history, in so far as is possible.

Blackjack History – The Beginning in Europe

A Majority of historians who have studied the history of Blackjack, Blackjack believe that the story in the first three decades of the 17th Century began. During this period one finds the first evidence for a French casino game called “Vingt-et-Un” (“21″).

At the sametime, the author also wrote the famous book Don Quixote, a short story about a famous cheater and his friend, both of a game called “Veintiuna” – Deutsch for “21” – played.

In Italy, then a few years later, another mention of a blackjack predecessor. The Blackjack game like today’s game was called (“Seven and a half,” Deutsch for) “Sette e Mezzo” and was announced by the Italian nobility.

Blackjack History – The American Way

The birthplace of Black Jack and the starting point of the story is Jack Black, as with most casino games, the good old America. “21” traveled with the immigrants in the United States and spread quickly. Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 in Las Vegas and the casinos came, as we know it today.

There was also the name of “Black Jack” thought out, important to point in the history of blackjack. It was taken at this time a casino blackjack rule Stating that you won ten times his bet if a Natural Blackjack with As-Js were, the Jack of Spades called in English “Black Jack”.

Blackjack History – The math and the game

The year 1962 brought a new aspect to the game and the download blackjack history of mathematics. Edward O. Thorp wrote a computer program that could analyze Casino Black Jack leaves. With these data, Thorp developed a basic blackjack strategy, odds of winning the first table and the card counting system Now, players could play anywhere in the world without years of training a lucrative blackjack game – a revolution.

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