Simplified blackjack rules for new players

Blackjack Rules made simple for beginners

Blackjack is one of the games in the online world that offers players with least house edge. So if you like online gambling then it is certain that you are going to love playing BlackJack online. The game play also does not follow complex set of rules. Within few minutes, new players can get familiar with the game play.

This certainly is one of the reasons why most new players are always advised to get started with this game play. If you like blackjack then Live game play certainly is designed to attract you.

You also have the convenience of enjoying the game play at multiple speeds. The moment you play this game play online you get a chance to enjoy playing it alone with the dealer at the table.

The moment you play this game you should try and come closer to a total of 21. The game play makes use of simple tactics to beat the dealer but it is important that you should try and keep the total less than dealer’s total. There are a number of online casinos that offer new players with genuine blackjack strategies that can be used against their dealers.

Value for cards

The numbered cards hold their value as assigned. Face cards are offered with 10 points each and ace in this game play is also equivalent to 1 or 11 points. So if you are holding 5 and ace then you can have the value 6 or 16. The value of the ace can be assigned depending on the players requirements. Apart from this you can also try and change the value assigned to ace as and when required. This factor makes the game play very much flexible.


As a player you are expected to place your bets for your cards at the table. Each table is provided with betting area that can be used. Players are given away two faces up cards. Players also have the flexibility of drawing as many cards as possible to attain a total of 21. When playing blackjack you should try and keep your total below 21 or else you Bust. On busting it is certain that you don’t get to collect the betting amount. If you are holding face card and ace then you are also declared as winner of the game play. The moment you are holding cards of value closer to 21 then you are given away even set of money. At the time of tie you shall also get your bet back, click here to play.

Buy In

The moment you feel that your hands are strong then it is the right time for you to buy in. for any player it is advisable to wait to place the bets till notified by the dealer. On placing your bets the dealer at the table also counts your money. Players in this game play are also expected to make use of betting area to place the bets. The buy in factor might vary from one free online blackjack casino to another. This factor also sets your winning or loosing limits.

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