How To Play Blackjack Online

Beginners Guide on How to Play Blackjack

Casino beginners usually begin by playing blackjack because the game is easy and fun to play; in addition to this, players can increase their odds of winning by employing the correct strategies.

Although blackjack is easy to play, beginners are cautioned to start playing for free or in the fun mode at online casinos till they thoroughly understand its rules and strategies.

Basic Rules

Although casinos have created a wide range of blackjack variants such as Bonus Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Spanish Blackjack, Double Exposure, Atlantic City Blackjack and others, each variant is based on the same rules as standard blackjack with slight modifications.

The aim of a blackjack player is to get a blackjack or a hand equalling 21 or a hand that is better than the dealer’s. To achieve this goal, players need to understand blackjack terminology and its simple rules and strategies.

In case of blackjack, each card has a value of its own. Numbered cards from deuces to tens are taken at their face values, the ace is either 11 or 1 as per the gaming situation and the picture cards or the face cards are considered to be equal to 10.

In case of a tie, nobody wins anything; in case players get blackjack, they will receive 1.5 times their bet amounts as payout; and in case players create a hand that exceeds 21, they lose the game.

How to Play

As previously mentioned, players need to beat the house by either getting a blackjack or creating a hand that is stronger than the dealer’s.

The game is played by a group of around six players and with anywhere between six and eight decks of 52 playing cards each. The game begins with each player placing a bet, after which a couple of cards are dealt to each player and the dealer, who conceals one of his cards and shows players the other.

Based on the gaming situation at hand, players can choose to make a number of moves. They can fold, receive another card, refuse to receive any more cards, double their bets and receive just one more card, or purchase insurance against possible loss. After all the players make their moves, the dealer turns up his face-down card and makes a move depending on the rules of the blackjack variant played.

Once the dealer has made his moves, it is time for showdown. If players get a blackjack or a hand stronger than the dealer’s, they win the game. If the game ends in a tie, players get back their bets. However, the payouts depend on the type of blackjack game that is being played.

Betting Options

Blackjack presents a number of betting options such as surrender, double, split, insurance and even money. For instance, an insurance bet is placed on the assumption that the dealer will get blackjack and, if players choose to surrender, they will have to fold and receive half their bets back. The options available depend on the blackjack variant and the online or land casino policies.

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Playing to Win Online Blackjack

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Where to play blackjack free

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Blackjack card counting and differential games

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Dos and don’ts of Blackjack

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Online Blackjack Overview

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