S17 The time when dealer of the game is forced to make a stand on all 17s or soft cards.

Scare Card The cards that hold high value. Generally Ace or upper value cards.

Scratch The call for hit. The player makes use of this technique to request for another card.

Sd This is abbreviation used for soft doubling.

Second base Seat that is right across the dealer.

Settlement The winning bet that are paid after concluding any hand. The dealer takes away all the chips from the table and offers with winning amount.

Seven Card Charlie Same as Card Charlie.

Shoe The box that is used to hold the cards so that dealer might take one card at a time.

Shoe game Blackjacks that are generally dealt out of the shoes.

Shuffle The act of randomizing the cards.

SME 10 The splitting of 10s of similar type.

Side Count The counting system that is generally made apart from the traditional system that is being used.

Spanish Deck The deck that contains 48 cards with no 10s.

Split 3 Players are allowed to split at least three times.

Splitting pairs The task any player can carry out in case he is holding cards of same rank. He is allowed to make distinct pairs using these cards. Players are also allowed to place new bet on each split cards.

Spread Placing multiple bets on the initial deal.

Spread the deck Placing cards on the table as face up cards and allowing other players to view them.

Stake The money any player makes use of for placing his wager.

Stand The moment player does not need to withdraw any extra number of cards from the deck.

Stiff A hand that has a chance of getting a total of 21 in case player withdraws any extra card from the deck.

Suit The decorated cards present in the deck.

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