D9 The type of double bets using hard hands.

D10 The bet type that is done using 10 or 11 value cards.

Discard Cards that are generally not considered in the game play. These are also referred as burned cards.

Double Deck The game play that makes use of two decks of cards.

Deck Penetration This is the amount of deck dealer makes use of before reshuffling the cards.

Doubling down When player is allowed to place second bet on the same round using the same amount of betting money. So if you bet $ 2 on any round then doubling means to wager $4 for same round.

Double down rescue The rule that is mostly used in casinos that are not regulated. Players can always try and return the double bets with an aim to finish the game play. It is also very much similar to surrendering when playing the game.

Double double down A Spanish type of blackjack that allows player to make use of extra card and doubling his betting amount.

Downtown Vegas Blackjack A variation of the game play that follows similar set of rules as standard version of the game play. Players are allowed to split their hands to make separate hands that can help them win blackjack.

Double exposure Blackjack A type of Blackjack variation where dealers cards are dealt face up. The game play also makes use of new set of rules to increase the house edge.

Dealing Seconds This is a second type of cheating players make use of in this game play. The dealer generally deals the second card from the top instead of first card. This is generally done with an aim to avoid players from making Blackjack.

Deviation Using strategy that diverts from standard strategy used in the game. This is generally done to make more profits from the holding cards.

Double after split Players are allowed to double their bets after splitting the cards they are holding. The rules of the game play might vary from one game to another depending on the online casino.

Draw The term used when any player tries to draw one or more card from the deck to make winning hand.

Drop The term stands for any amount of deposit that is made in the poker box. This money is generally exchanged for poker chips to play the game.

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