Caribbean 21 A variation of Blackjack. The game is played making use of 52 deck cards. In this game aces hold the value equivalent to one. The dealer is also provided with single card before the player actually begins with the game play.

Chip The plastic disc that is used to place the wager in the game of blackjack. They hold certain amount of denominations starting from $1 to around $500.

Counting Cards The type of card counting skills that any player maintains in the game. This is also one of the techniques that players make use of to remember what cards are still present in the shoe. This can offer with much improved advantage to most players.

Chinese Blackjack A variation of Blackjack that follows similar set of rules as standard game play. Aces are generally offered with values depending on the number of cards player holds in hand.

Card Counting A Blackjack strategy mostly made use by pro-players. The game makes use of different types of counting strategies in the game play. Players are also allowed to make adjustments of the points depending on the game play.

Counter The type of player who makes use of counting techniques when playing the game.

Cold Deck When there are less cards available in the deck. Player is also expected to make genuine hand using these cards.

California Blackjack The type of game play that is very much common in land based casinos. Players make use of 6 decks of cards to play the game. The game also makes use of wild cards and joker.

Cheating Unethical method that player makes use of for winning any round. There are a number of players who try and mark the cards to identify them easily.

Color Up Exchanging chips for distinct denominations.

Camouflage The term made use of when player is hiding his cards when counting. The player also avoids adjusting the betting amount when playing.

Comps Casinos offer comps to players for using their money for playing the game. These are often free in the form of drinks or snacks.

Cut The split the deck of cards in two parts before the game actually begins.

Cut Card The card that is handed over by the dealer to the player so he can cut the deck of cards.

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