Back CountingThe process of counting your cards when the game is not processing. In case you are done with this process then it is certain that you might have to wait for other players to finish counting their cards. In most cases casinos also try and restrict most new players from playing the game till the dealer is done with reshuffling the deck of cards.

Back Line The type of bet that is placed in between two different players instead of house and player. In such conditions the casino terms the players as back liners and there are also a number of casinos that might avoid using this practice as it is not very much profitable.

Backing Up The moment when any player decides to replay his existing hand. This task is helpful in order to maintain his best scores. This is generally carried out in case any player feels that dealer is at fault. In most cases the hands are dealt again after present tray being discarded by the dealer.

Bankroll The total amount of money that any player makes use of to place his wager. This is very much similar to the total money that any player has in his wallet. The money is also made use of to purchase blackjack chips to play the game.

Bar The term used when dealer expels any player from the game of blackjack.

Basic strategyThe type of tactic that any player is going to use to play the game that can help in improving the performance to make his win more effective.

Betting Limits The type of low and high bet that any player can make use of when playing Blackjack. This might vary depending upon the type of casino you have selected to play the game.

Bonanza Side Bet A bet that is equivalent to $1 that is made on players hand that is valued for around 20 points against 10 points from the dealer side. The bet offer with distinct variations of payouts for different suit of cards.

Bonus Spin Bet This is also considered as smallest type of bet in Black jack. The spinning wheel determines the payout options that is set before the cards are dealt to the players. You get to earn multiples of 1, 15, 25, or 100 times the betting amounts.

Back Counting A player standing behind the blackjack table. The moment he has an advantage he or she is also allowed to participate in the game play. The term is also called as Wonging in Black jack.

Balance Count The moment each of the player is dealt with equal set of cards.

BlackjackThe type of hand that is made up using a combination of Ace card and other cards with an aim to gain a total of 21. The payoff in most cases is 3:2 ratio and players are also allowed to make spilt ace hands.

Blackjack Bankroll The term is very much similar to bankroll in any other gambling game. This is also the amount of money that any player makes use of for placing his bets on different rounds. The bigger the amount of bankroll you are making use of the more are your chances of winning big money.

Blackjack Strategy The basic system that any player makes use of when playing this game. Best strategy also offer with better chance of winning in this game. Players can make use of strategy to gain benefit from the game play.

Bet Spread This is a term that stands for the maximum and minimum bet any player wages in this game. In case you are having a bet spread equivalent to 3-10 then your minimum wager amount is $3 and maximum is $10 for any round.

Break or Broke The moment when any player decides to take any card so he can accept to exceed the total of 21. This is also referred as bust.

Breaking Hand The type of hand that is allowed to exceed a total of 21.

Buster BlackJack The type of side bet a player makes in dealers hopes. Payout is generally determined on the basis of cards dealt with an aim to bust.

Burn card Top most card placed on the deck after it is reshuffled. The card is generally placed at the bottom after all players have been dealt. Players are not allowed to make use of this card.

Busting The act when any player or the dealer of the game busts. It also refers to the condition in case the total of the cards exceed 21.

Bust hand The type of hand that has value between 12 and 16 and has an ability to bust when combined with any other card.

Buy-in The amount of money that any player might make use of for purchasing his chips to play the game.

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