A – J Bonus A special type of bonus where most players are given with extra amount of money when winning hand with Jack or Ace. For each type the game offers with distinct odds and payout might vary from 2 : 2.5 : 1.

Ace Tracking – This is very much like shuffle tracking where players are supposed to guess if the next card dealt will be Ace or not.

Ace Adjustment – A player is expected to adjust the amount of bet depending on the total number of Aces that are present in the deck. In this variation players are also allowed to either decrease or increase the amount of bets placed.

Ace 5 CountA type of card counting strategy. This also allows players to generate little amount of edge over the house. The main aim is to attain BlackJack using a pair of Ace.

Ace Side Count The term used when players manage to count their cards distinct from main count. This is done to see if the shoe is ace rich or poor with an aim to adjust the betting amount.

Ace Poor Count The moment when deck lacks Ace cards. This alters the betting size as players are expected to bet less amount.

Ace Neutral Count When aces are considered as neutral or not holding any high value. This is generally used when playing single or two deck game.

Ace Rich – When shoe is having Rich number of Aces as compared to other cards. This is a strategy that is favorable for most players as players have better chance of being dealt with other set of cards.

Action The gambling term which also refers to the total amount of money that you are making use of in any wager. So if you are placing ten bets of $5 each then your entire action is equivalent to $ 50.

AdvantageThe real value of mathematical edge that a player is holding in this game. It is often referred in terms of percentage. A term generally used when players make use of their own strategy to win the game.

AnchormanThe player who sits on the right side of the dealer. This is also the player who shall be dealt with the final card in the round. In case you are just not aware of the game play then it is advisable to try and avoid playing this position. There are a number of players who might also try and chide this person in order to offer advantage to the dealer. In case you are forced to take this position then it is best to try and follow blackjack charts and try to maintain your position in the round.

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