Blackjack rules Simplified for new players

Blackjack certainly is one of the easiest games for anyone to learn and play. You simply need to achieve a total of 21 or near to make blackjack. The moment you are aware of rules the game play gets very much simple. Much time tested strategies can be used by players to improve their chance of winning. Rules might also vary from one casino to another but few rules are accepted by most casinos. Before getting started go through the rules of the casino.

Main objective – Blackjack is the game where you need to achieve a total of 21. This certainly is independent of the number of players who are playing at the table.

Important rules to follow – each of the game play offers with distinct set of rules for players. In general you need to follow similar set of rules for winning blackjack.

  • The player is expected to place his bets for any round.
  • After dealing the cards, dealer distributes them to the players. Each of the players at the table gets two cards to get started with the game play. The moment you play the game against casino you might not be allowed to see the cards.
  • After this the player has to make his decision to stand or to hit. Some casinos might also allow players to draw more cards till they manage to get blackjack.
  • When playing this game the dealer is the right person who can take the decision if he wants to accept the player’s cards providing him with an option to stand or hit.
  • The moment the player completes his round, the dealer proceeds with his turn.

Dealers rules

The dealer of the casino follows a strict set of rules.

  • In case he has cards of value 17 or more he is requested to stand or refuse players from taking more cards. He can also hit if he has ace card.
  • In case he holds 16 or less value cards he should try and hit.

Winner of the game …..

When playing this game players generally play it against dealer. The cards are generally compared with dealer’s cards.

  • If you get a total of 21 you win.
  • In case you exceed 21 then the house is declared as the winner.
  • In case the dealer busts then you are declared as the winner of the round.

Shuffling – When playing this game you make use of single deck of cards to around eight deck cards. A deck might contain all cards of each denomination. When shuffling you need to follow certain rules of the game.

  • After shuffling players are allowed to cut the deck of cards. The dealer then distributes the cards to all players at the table. The cards are split using a plastic card by the dealer. The last card is placed on the top.
  • Two cards from the deck are also removed by the dealer to proceed the game play. The burn cards are always placed by the dealer in the discard box.

The game allows players to place their bets to win the round.

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