Blackjack History

The History of Blackjack Game Part 2

The MIT interferes

In the late 1980s Thorp’s theories were then used in a big way. Some students at MIT founded the famous “MIT Blackjack Team” and began their game. The mathematics students were maps, tables set odds of winning a team game and designed the system that brought them millions of dollars. Those interested can find this casino blackjack history in the book “Breaking Vegas” and the movie “21”.

Virtual Games

The next major change for Blackjack Online Free Game after the boom that had triggered the MIT team arrived in the mid-1990s. The Internet was accessible to the public.

Almost immediately began some clever software developers, computer casino games – including, of course, also led by blackjack online – programmed for the brand-new medium. And so it is not surprising that in the very first online casino in the world (admittedly quite simple) Blackjack Game of the party was. Since then online blackjack is a fixture in the online casino landscape and will remain so, primarily because of the chance to play free online blackjack.

The impact on the how to play blackjack history were enormous: Suddenly everyone was, who owned a computer and Internet access, the online blackjack player. The entrance was around the clock, anywhere in the world possible and also created the possibility, blackjack free, so full play without betting money. Casino Blackjack is free at most online casinos these days possible. None of the previous boom was comparable with that popularity explosion. Virtually overnight, the player base has increased tenfold and did not stop growing – to this day.

Today blackjack online casino is part of each and is popular with each passing day. Due to the popularity of the Internet casinos, the number of visitors grew in the real casinos – an ever-growing popularity began to spiral, which was itself due to the poor economic situation at the end of the first decade of this new millennium, not to slow down completely. The blackjack history can not be stopped.

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