Blackjack dealer caught stealing

American Blackjack Dealer Ordered To Pay Massive Fine

A blackjack dealer at Casino Rivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania would seem to increase his salary and has a little secret tokens can wander into his tip box. Was not much around here, but for now the punishment is more violent. Matthew Eisenberg not only the job’s going on, but a whopping fine of $ 75,000 to pay off the 26-year-old now.

The peculiar law (Pennsylvania’s Gaming Act), which is intended to protect casino was, yet never fully applied and was therefore shocked Eisenberg, as Judge Joseph K. Williams III, announced the verdict. In addition, given the former casino employee a year on probation and must repay the stolen money.

The amount that has Matthew Eisenberg snapped under the nail, is just between $ 200 and $ 300 The quick dealer had hidden in December last year in a layer several times in secret $ 1 and $ 5 chips in blackjack cards and stored after the end of each hand grabbed the chips to its tip.

As was after the end of his shift, the box with about $ 500 in chips filled very well – usually his tip was about $ 200 – was the Casino security skeptical and evaluated the surveillance tapes. Quickly proved successful and in a total of 108 cases had Matthew Eisenberg stolen chips.

Even if the amount stolen is fairly low, Attorney Stephen Zappala defended the judge’s decision. Through his spokesman Mike shortcoming announce he was: “We believe that given the crime statutes, and we think also that the General Meeting has written these statutes to protect the casino met.”

Matthew Eisenberg and his lawyer Michael Santi Cola on the other hand go to appeal. “He should not have done it, there is no doubt.

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