Blackjack Card Counting Tips

Top 10 Tips on Blackjack Card Counting

In general, Blackjack is a game that has a reputation for being “player-friendly”; however, this does not mean that players do not have to seek out strategies that will further enhance their odds of winning a game of blackjack.

Card counting happens to be one such strategy. However, card counting is not one of those easy strategies that can be learned overnight although this does not mean that beginners can never learn card counting. Mastering the art of card counting can help players beat the house as often as they wish and beginners can use the following 10 card counting tips to help them get started.

  1. Choose a Simple Strategy – There are a number of card counting strategies out there and beginners are encouraged to choose the simplest of them to get started. Experts recommend a card counting strategy called Wizard’s Ace Five Count for starters.
  2. Does Not Work Well for Online Blackjack – Card counting is not the best strategy for online blackjack players as they are not playing against a live dealer, but against non human software. While human dealers can easily commit errors that players can use to their advantage, gaming software never makes mistakes.
  3. Learn Your Basic Strategies – Before plunging into the complex world of card counting, players must first learn basic blackjack strategies. For instance, players who do not know that they should never split pairs of tens and fives are just not ready to master card counting techniques.
  4. Visualize Counts – Beginners usually make the mistake of mentally repeating counts, which makes things confusing when they have to remember negative and positive counts too. Instead, players should visualize the count inside their heads.
  5. Keep it Secret – Players should avoid making it obvious that they are counting cards. Using this strategy isn’t a crime, but casino operators dislike card counters and do not hesitate to chuck them out of their premises.
  6. Card Counting is Tough -This is not meant to discourage players, but to make them aware of reality. Card counting is a tough nut to crack and players unwilling to put in the required effort should not even consider it.
  7. Play Low Stakes – Card counting can definitely enhance one’s chances of winning, but those who are trying it for the first time should steer clear of high stakes tables and practice for some time at the low stakes tables.
  8. Practice Hard – No blackjack player became an expert card counter overnight. It takes hours of practice to hone one’s skills as a card counter and beginners should practice hard at home before trying the technique at live casinos.
  9. Develop Focus – Card counting at a live casino, which is full of distractions such as crowds of people, croupiers, lights, music and others, is not as easy as one may think because card counting requires concentration. Aspiring card counters must, therefore, improve their concentration.
  10. Study Hard – There are plenty of excellent books and online resources on card counting, which aspiring card counters must read before they can expect to become expert card counters. The more they read, the more they will learn about card counting.
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