Blackjack card counting strategy

A Strategy For Blackjack Card Counting

The blackjack basic strategy and the strategy table is the starting point of all advanced blackjack strategies, such as Card counting.

You know perfectly until your basic strategy, you can ascend to the next level. With card counting you are able to do so to beat blackjack online. Dominate the counting well enough, YOU will have better odds.

The principle of card counting

Behind card counting is the idea that a deck full of 10s and aces favor of the shooter, while a deck with a relatively low number of small cards the dealer is. So you should increase your bet when the deck is with you, and correspondingly reduce, if it is with the casino.

Why this is so?

If the deck is rich in 10s, the likelihood increases that the dealer covers, while the players can stop in time. Conversely, the donor will rarely pull over when the deck contains many small cards. Can you count the cards and find out if the cover shows a preponderance of either 10’s or small cards, you have the opportunity to play your strategy to adapt to the situation.

On the other hand, the generator is always to pull soft 17th To influence a stiff hand as 10.6, often is a bad idea, if 10 cards dominate. This gives the card counter an advantage over the casino.

A deck with many aces in turn increases the chances for Blackjack rules – Blackjack, a player pays 3:2, while the donor with a maximum of feeds your blackjack bet. Therefore, a deck full of aces more for the benefit of the player as to the benefit of the giver.

How to count the cards?

Fortunately, one must not keep every single card that has been played by a 6-deck carriages, in my mind. It would be sensational, if you were capable of it. You would be a genius – or perhaps more likely to keep a madman.

The various strategies that are issued, the cards different point values. Each system has its pros and cons. Generally, we recommend a simple blackjack system. This ultimately results in fewer mistakes, and mistakes are expensive if you count cards.

The Running Count

Each card is assigned a specific value, and the card counter must simply add the values ??of the given cards – than the running count is known ‘. This plus / minus strategy – including high / low strategy – issued the following cards following values:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 1
7, 8, 9 = 0
10, B, D, K, Ace = -1

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