Blackjack Betting and Payout

Blackjack bets and the payouts

At the blackjack table, you will see from your position in a circle or square, where you must place your bets. Before each round starts, you have to lie down for your desired bet there. If you want to bet with more chips in different sizes, then please put the big chips with the little ones.

Once the cards are dealt, you should not touch the bet in the circle no longer, if you want to know how much you have to use to double the bet or to notify the dealer of the chips for you will count and announce you the required application. If a game is over, then the dealer goes from player to player and makes the payouts. Once this is done, you can take the winning chips from the circle and place the next bet.

If you want the profits stay in the game you need from several piles that you have received a form, and do not forget to put the big blackjack rules chips down.

Blackjack Payout

When you are done playing, you might want to re-exchange the chips for cash. For this, the dealer will gladly exchange the small chips to larger, that is convenient for you, then you do not need a bag of small chips go to the checkout, but only with a few large.

Wait until a border is so easy to play and push the chips across all dealers, but not in a circle, but somewhere in between, because there are no misunderstandings. The dealer will then count the chips and give you the big chips in exchange for these you then proceed to checkout or to another table where you want to play online blackjack ..

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